Tractus is a service based organization which offers a variety of leadership training programs of different duration viz. 2-days, 1-week, 1-month and 3-months. We provide specialized consulting services in the following areas - political management, policy research & advocacy, political strategy and communication, polling, campaign management, elections management, media planning, social media strategy & portal management, public relationsand event management.


Be the best, offer the best


1. Provide the best strategic solutions
2. Always exceed the value with perspective to the cost


We conduct various issue based, need based & customized leadership training programs of different duration, viz. 2-days, 1-week, 1-month and 3-months. These courses are on variety of subjects & themes.
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Political Leadership

Political & Campaign Management

Constituency Development & Management

Elections Management System

Oratory Skills & Public Speaking

Parliamentary & Legislative Affairs

Public Policy & NGO Management


Political Consulting

Political Consulting

We provide entire spectrum of political campaign management consulting, constituency development & management..



We connect our clients with business and government leaders and enable them to achieve..

Public Relations

Public Relations

Interpersonal relationships amongst community leaders, elected members, politicos, corporate...


Our Team members have more than a decades experience at regional and national level on political systems & processes, advise on strategic campaigns for both politicos and political parties. They have assisted various local, state and national political figures on variety of tasks related to policy, campaign, elections, strategy etc. Our team is extremely tech savvy and well informed on current issues, whether regional, national or international.

Our team comprises of experienced academicians, political strategists, legal counsels and marketing experts. This unique blend of skill sets differentiate us from others.



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